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Katie King 

Actor, Writer, Voice Coach for creative writers




Katie King is an actor-writer who is here to help you produce your best, most authentic readings at workshops and events. She works one-on-one to find your vocal strengths and trouble spots, focusing on somatic tools to help you look and sound your best for any literary reading. Katie King has an MA in nonfiction and has been published in several literary journals. She has performed for Core Theatre Ensemble, Flagstaff Shakespeare Company, Theatrikos and more. She has appeared in web series and commercials. King has been a Voice Coach for ICE Colony Podcast, radio voice for KSZN and voice actor for several roles. Katie is passionate about your readings being a clear, passionate reflection of your work. 


A Bit About Voice coaching:

Many writers spend years working on their manuscript but only a few hours prepping for a reading. One of the biggest marketing opportunities as a writer is a public reading. However, many are dry, unexpressive, too expressive, or can barely be heard. The audience is then robbed of an otherwise creative experience with a great author who didn't have the tools to have their work read aloud correctly. Instead, they were focused on writing, craft, researching - and all the other necessary parts of the job. I want you to make a memorable reading that gives the audience the unique experience of who you are, where you are neither forced nor hiding. Public speaking is one thing. Spoken word is another. Delivering your own creative writing to an audience is yet another. 



During a session with me you will learn to relax your instrument (that's you!) even under pressure in a way that you appear polished, practiced, and intentional with every piece you read. Your comfort, presence, and delivery will benefit from detailed coaching sessions that can help you do the one thing you need to do: get your work heard, understood, and sold. As academic and brainy as the writing world may be, a well-executed literary reading is a performance at the basic level, and your work will benefit from you treating it like one. 


For pricing and availability, please email

Option One: Material Selection

Option Two: Starter Session 

Option Three: Reading Prep 

For 30-60 minutes, I will help you discover the material best suited for your next reading. This session will be focused on which materials to read, not a traditional voice coaching session. Bring all the options you are thinking of using, and we will go over which text is best for vocal delivery and which sounds best for your voice/the venue/etc. By the end of this preparatory session, you will know exactly which material you are reading, and which you are using for backup. 

This is a 30-60 minute private session. Bring 20 minutes of original material and we will have a detailed practice workshop focusing on volume, phrasing, diction, articulation, energy, and an in-depth performance analysis of your work. This is a stop-and-start session that will help you gain tools and techniques for future readings. 

This includes all of the above, as well as an additional 15-20 minute reading (two times--one without stops and starts), and you will receive my feedback at the end. Think of me as the mirror that you practice into, except I respond back!  With this option, we have time to go over your reading outfit, virtual setting, fashion and hair choices, where to sit at a literary reading, and even how to lit-shmooze after. This is a great option for your first time as a featured reader, for a virtual reading, or any reading that you may have. 

Option Four: Brush-Up Session

This is a 30-minute brush-up session for clients who have already used this service, and for material that we have already covered in OPTION 2. Meet with me to make sure you are well-practiced and fully prepared for an upcoming reading. This is a great way to calm nerves, address any questions, or go over edits. 

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